Monday, February 9, 2015

First glimpse on my 23andme analysis

So these are my results from 23andme genome analysis service named Ancestry Composition. The majority (77.2%) of my genomic variants are specific for the Balkan region (as expected since I am from Serbia).

Additional 7.7% of the variants are Broadly Southern European, 6.6% are Broadly European.

6.8% are Eastern European variants that reflect the migration of Slavs to the Balkan peninsula in the 6th century.

1.2% are Northern European variants that could be remnants of the ancient Celtic settlements of Southeastern Europe.

0.4% are Italian variants that most probably represent a local migration between Italy and Balkans few hundred year ago.

Even though Serbia was part of the Ottoman empire for several centuries. there was no mixing with Turkish variants, I have 0.0% of Middle Eastern variants, which includes Turkey.

In total, I contain 99.9% European variants.

0.1% of East Asian variants could represent either 40000 year old variants that reside before the time of separation of European and Asian population, or could represent variants that were left behind the Mongol invasion of Europe in the 13th century that also encompassed Balkan regions.

I have estimated 2.7% of Neanderthal DNA.

Tracing back my maternal and paternal haplotypes to 40000 years old maternal ancestral haplotype and 23000 years old paternal ancestral haplotype.

My maternal haplotype is H, which is over 40000 years old, that originated in the Near East and then expanded after the peak of the Ice Age into Europe, where it is the most prevalent haplogroup today. Some of the famous people with haplotype H: Luke the Evangelist, Marie Antoinette, Napoleon Bonaparte, Prince Philip, Susan Sarandon.

My paternal haplotype is E1b1b1a which arose over 23000 year ago in in eastern Africa and spread into the Mediterranean region after the Ice Age, 8000 years ago from Near East. Today it is one of the most common haplogroups in Southern Europe.

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