Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Disease risk from Prometheus/23andme

If you download raw data from 23andme and upload the data to Prometheus (5 dollars cost) you can get a report on your disease risks that is based on the collection of SNPs in SNPedia.

Here are some of my results that I found interesting:

In total I have 292 'bad' SNPs, 3636 'good' SNPs and 14516 'neutral' ones. 292 SNPs are thus associated with some phenotype that is considered 'bad', but I have 3636 good SNPs that are beneficial.

I have 17 SNPs that are associated with heart disease and 17 protective SNPs for heart disease so I guess it is a photo finish there. And considering that I have family and relatives that suffered a heart attack this finding is not surprising.

I have AA genotype on rs1667394 that is associated with blond hair and blond eyes. Not very surprising when looking at my photo as a child bellow (with my mom).

I have T allele at rs2180439 and increased risk of baldness, which will obliterate my beautiful blond hair.

I have increased memory performance and higher IQ, obvious.

I have increased proneness to anger,  ##*!!!!*#*!#*!*`';!~":!@

I have increased risk of sexual dysfunction when takes antidepressants, and increased risk for depression which in combination is not a very good outcome.

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