Saturday, August 4, 2012

How to restore username and password autofill option in Chrome

If you have imported your passwords to Chrome you may notice that on some websites they will not appear autofilled. This most probably happened if the URL in question is not recognized by Chrome for some reason, but still it being present in the list will prevent Chrome to offer to save password when you enter it.
Go to:
Settings/Show advanced settings
Privacy/Manage saved passwords
Find the website and delete the password/site.
Type the correct URL and username/password, when Chrome asks to save it accept.
The password should appear autofilled next time you visit the site.


  1. Hello Milos Pjanic,
    Nice Answer. In my PC I have installed windows 7 upgraded. I have 4 partitions in my Hard Drive. The First is C: in which windows XP was installed, but now i have installed the windows 7 in F:.
    IN C:,Now i am trying to get the USERNAME that was auto filled . The Partition is C Drive contains data . I am tried a lot . DO you have any idea how to get the data from Google chrome that is in C:

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