Friday, November 18, 2011

Easy way to search and copy/paste text in files that are too large to open in standard text editors

In case you have a quite large file that will take ages to load into Gedit or Notepad, and potentially will use all your system resources and block the computer, and you only need only to select one or few lines from this file, do the following:

Install Midnight commander (MC) in Linux,
or Total commander in Windows.

Go to the folder with the file you want to view.
Press F3 to view the file. This step is usually much faster than loading the file in Gedit (Linux) or Notepad (Windows)
Press F7 to search for the text of interest.

Under Linux:
Hold SHIFT and select the text with mouse.
CTRL + INS to copy the text. Or right click and copy.

Under Windows:
Simply select and CTRL + INS or CTRL + C for copying

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