Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Is Omicsonline a scientific scam?

Yes it is. 

If you have published scientific papers you will most probably get an email like the one bellow. Email like this come from the Omicsonline group and they come from either or addresses. They will either ask you to write a paper or attend a conference. In either case you will have to pay a fee.

Such conferences most probably don't exist, and the papers you can find on their website are not indexed in Pubmed. I suspect they are made up papers with made up authors or which is the worst case - authors don't even know they have published papers in these journals. It is possible that the names of scientists have been used without their knowledge and that they don't even know that they are the members of the editorial board, for example.

Create filter for such emails and send them to spam folder.

Dear Dr. Milos Pjanic

We hereby want to invite you to submit a paper for The Journal of Health & Medical Informatics for a special issue.

Special issue title: Bioinformatics

This special issue is being edited by:
Yixuan Wang
Albany State University

It would be grateful if you would submit a paper for this upcoming special issue on " Bioinformatics". Both Research and Review papers are welcome for possible publication in this issue. The deadline for submissions is 22nd November, 2011 and the target publishing date is 23rd, December 2011.
You may submit your paper by e-mail at
or online at
Please specify the title of the special issue in the subject if you submit by e-mail, or in the cover letter if you submit online.

Special features to articles published in The Journal of Health & Medical Informatics include:
1)Timely dissemination of your research work
2)Free PDF/Digital file of your published paper
3)No restriction for use/distribution
4)Create great looking digital files for distribution
5)Sharing you published work in social networking like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, RSS feeds, etc.
6)Translation of published paper to more than 50 languages
7)Nominal processing fee and reduction (i.e. 1/2) of general processing fee.

Benefits of the special issue
Contributors/authors: On special consideration, processing fee for special issue articles: $ 919

For more details on regular articles processing fee PS:
Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. We would appreciate it if you could let us know at your earliest convenience (but no longer than three weeks please) whether or not you will be submitting a paper. We are looking forward to hear from you soon!

With kind regards,
Yixuan Wang
Editor of Special Issue

Editorial office
OMICS Publishing Group
5716 Corsa Ave., Suite 110
Westlake, Los Angeles
CA 91362-7354, USA
Phone: +1-650-268-9744
Fax: +1-650-618-1414
Toll free : +1-800-216-6499


  1. Thank you so much. I actually made the mistake of submitting an abstract to one of their bogus "conferences." Then I compounded the mistake by sending them a photo and biography, upon their request. Belatedly, I became suspicious and did what I should have done in the first place, which was some due diligence. I found the present, very helpful information. Thanks once again!

    - Larry Weisenthal/Huntington Beach CA USA

    1. How do I retract my biography and abstract? anyway of doing that?

  2. Hi. Thanks for your comment! It is very sad that these things happen in science, but unfortunately they do and we need to be careful.

  3. It is completely open access publications. There is no scope of scam. You guys are misleading the process. I have sent my papers and got success from them. They are well reputed and cool people. Encourage the good acts.


  4. I'm sure everyone has seen generic emails inviting one to submit articles to a new journal. I actually was duped into submitting because they sent a letter from a well-known expert in the field acting as guest editor for a special edition. Now in hindsight I wonder if this person truly acted as guest editor or it was a 'dummy' letter. Anyway, in my naivete I submitted one. Little did I know they would harrass me constantly for publication fee of $900+ which is unheard of in terms of solicited articles. I consider these fraudulent practices akin to spam - this group should be repudiated in a wider audience.

  5. OMICS Group Comferences are a SCAM

    You are invited to speak, but have to pay for registration.
    They ask for multiple payments, claiming they didn't get it.
    Hotel has no record of the conference.
    Couldn't get in touch with organizers after they got the money, except by phone to someone who said they would get back to me but never did (multiple times).
    Luckily I canceled beforehand, but of course no refunds.

    Avoid OMICS Conferences!

  6. Same thing with me... I was invited to write an article then was asked to pay $900 once it was edited. Once they were paid, no way of contacting them and they never brought the multiple corrections that was necessary before putting the proof read online (they even forgot the senior author). Six E-mails, three phone calls and nothing has ever happened. I am now considering legal action against OMICS.

    Unfortunately, there is little chance of me having it published elsewhere knowing I have already submitted to OMICS. I have just lost three weeks of work! Will probably never dare put this publication on my CV even if the article is worth been reviewed.

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  8. same here. they asked me to submit a manuscript without even mentioning the fee and after I sent them the manuscript, they asked for a fee. the fee has increased from 900 to 2019 USD. I rejected and they claim they can give me a discount. I became suspicious and I found out this thread. Thanks.

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