Thursday, September 22, 2011

How to copy paste event in Google Calendar

As Google hasn't introduced yet a simple copy/paste option in its Calendar which would be indeed a quite useful feature, here's what you can do instead:

If you need to duplicate an event and you dont want to write its long name /description in the boxes just select

More actions/Duplicate event

Pick the date you want and click Save.

The event is now copied to a new day.

In the case you need to create multiple such events in your calendar a copy paste option would be actually quite useful, as you don't want to repeat this previous procedure N-times.

However, if the event is recurring on a regular basis here's what you can do:

Check: Repeat...

Then select how often the event will be repeated, e.g. once per week, or per 2 weeks...

Select when the event starts and when it ends, or you can specify the number of occurrences of the event.

Click done.

Still the simple copy/paste function would be great, Google!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Remove AVG search in Firefox address bar

After installing AVG, search in Firefox (via address bar) is changed to AVG Safe search.

To revert to the defaults:

Click I'll be careful I promise.
search for keyword.url
Right click, Modify
Enter: ""

This will revert address bar searches back to Google.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Create text files in Linux from terminal

If you are in terminal in certain folder and would like to quickly create a text file in that folder use the 'cat' command

To create a text file called parameters.txt, enter:
$ cat > parameters.txt

Then type the text. In case you want to paste something do Shift Insert to paste into Terminal.
Press CTRL+D to save file

To display file contents, type
$ cat parameters.txt

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Page preview appears in Google search

In Ubuntu 11.04, Firefox 6.0.2.
When doing Google search I noticed that the image preview appears next to the search result.
As this is slowing down the search itself and the image preview is not informative at all, I looked for a way of disabling it.

This was not a feature of Google as the search on another computer didn't show the page preview.

It appeared that the add-on CyberSearch 2.3.0 (that I had installed in my Firefox) adds page previews on search engine result pages. Disable the add-on to restore normal Google search.

There is an option to disable the page preview within the add-on itself.
Go to Add-ons/Extensions/CyberSearch/Preferences/Behavior/

uncheck Show thumbnails on search result page

The CyberSearch is a quite useful add-on, e.g. it enables instant search in your address bar, also it enables to easily restrict search to only one site through address bar.